Game Boards

Codesign developed ten 2-sided game boards for a Grade K–2 Reading Program. In addition to concept, design, and production, Codesign provided art direction and art management for these fun, highly-illustrated games.

Game Board 1:
Lesson: Grade 1 Short and long o. Side 1: Those Tasty O’s; Side 2: Tic Tac Toe
Illustration: Chris Reed

Game Board 2:
Lesson: Grade 2, r-controlled e, i, u. Side 1: First, Second, Third, Home!; Side 2: Baseball Word Sort
Illustration: Mary Thelen

Game Board 3:
Lesson: Grade 1, Initial and final consonants. Side 1: Forest Fun; Side 2: Fill the Nests
Illustration: Steve Henry

Game Board 4:
Lesson: Grade K, Initial consonant c. Side 1: Cat and Mouse;
Lesson: Grade K, Letter names c, q. Side 2: Letter Zoo
Illustration: Sylvie Wickstrom